Why We Should Cup Our Guts?

1 Nov, 2023

Wait wait wait…. Are you telling me that I should get into the practice of having suction cups placed on my stomach and having the pressure turned up and having my delicate skin pulled from its normal resting place?? The answer is an enthusiastic “Yes”! Think for a moment about what our guts go through on a daily basis: 24 hours every single day your digestive organs are designed to produce bacteria and enzymes and other digestive aids to absorb as much protein, vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, all our omegas and water from everything we eat. All of our organs are perfectly placed in their perspective locations with just a small bit wiggle room to function smoothly. We have major blood vessels that run in and out of every organ in our bodies that provide just the right amount of oxygen and other life sustaining nutrients so that we have a healthy functioning life. Inside our chest and abdominal walls is a network of smooth, slippery tissue that allows food to go from our mouths to the toilet bowl with no interruptions.

truly treat the cause? If you know of something please let me know!However (Let the sinister music play) because of what we do every day, the way we sleep, the way we sit when we work, how we drive, how we eat and how we play, the inevitable will occur – Inflammation.

This is a direct quote from MedLinePlus.gov regarding inflammation, “The inflammatory response (inflammation) occurs when tissues are injured by bacteria, trauma, toxins, heat, or any other cause. The damaged cells release chemicals including histamine, bradykinin, and prostaglandins. These chemicals cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the tissues, causing swelling.” So now, you and I walk around with bouts of constipation, diarrhea, heart burn and other aches and pains in our guts and you wonder….“What did I do to deserve this!?” The medical community will prescribe drugs ease symptoms but is there anything on the market that will

How Cupping Helps

As we mentioned before our organs are placed in their perspective places. But what happens if swelling occurs? What happens if there are bits of scar tissue pulling on your intestines? What happens if abdominal adhesions are causing your internal organs to malfunction? Think of it this way, imagine you’ve built a house to hold a family of 5. There’s plenty of room for everyone to function and live without irritation. You’ll have a happy home. Now imagine 10 or 20 people decide to move in uninvited. What will happen inside the house? The people who are the original residents will feel the most stressed because their area is now cramped. Chaos will occur, possibly even fights. Now imagine a huge vacuum that pulls the invaders up and away from the home. The proper residents who belong there won’t get sucked up because it’s where they belong but the invaders will get sucked up and removed.

That’s the idea of abdominal cupping. The force created inside the cups pulls trapped lymphatic fluid and blood and other materials along with the elements that create swelling out of the “house” and restoring peace to the residents, your organs. Over the course of time and depending on what we eat, little by little our “residents” will start to function as they were supposed to. Abdominal cupping creates space inside your belly to allow harmful inflammatory elements to be flushed out.

Abdominal Cupping for Lower Back Pain

It’s true! Having your abdomen cupped can help reduce lower back pain. How? If you take into consideration all the time we spend sitting and sleeping in the fetal position then it shouldn’t be a surprise that those muscles all become tight. Think about it, your legs are flexed forward which means you’re crunching in a forward position. Naturally, the muscles in your abdomen are going to

If you spend enough time in that shortened position, eventually the muscles and surrounding tissues get stuck in that crunched position. The result is that your back has to literally pry your abdominals open so you can stand up and have good posture. Now multiply that to every single day of your life and now imagine those poor back muscles having to not only help you stand straight but now have the added tension of those little adhesions in the belly. So by doing Deep Tissue Cupping directly on the abdominals and obliques and even the anterior rib cage, you lessen the work the back has to do which intern helps reduce swelling and inflammation in those back muscles!

Possible Reactions to Detoxing

In every treatment that encourages the human body to function as it is supposed to, there is a period of time called detoxing that can be uncomfortable for a person to undergo. You see, if harmful swelling or bacteria has been screened off from the body but has been taking up space inside you and now a therapist is unraveling that bunch of bacteria and other undesirables, it’s only a matter of time before the pain and discomfort of that foreign body will come to the surface and make you feel sick. Major headaches and nausea have been reported. Feelings f lethargy and dizziness also can occur.

But by actually allowing the body to dispose of those horrible elements and purify itself then you’re allowing the body to heal itself and follow its natural course. It’s not an over-night fix but with patience and understanding you will start to feel better and your digestion will start to function as it should.

Let’s also remember that a proper diet is vital in order to maintain good gut health. I’m no expert on dietary disciplines but I can refer you to people I know who can help.