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Comprehensive Solutions for Pain Management

At True Wellness Therapies, we understand that comprehensive well-being extends beyond merely treating symptoms; it involves addressing the underlying causes of ailments to promote lasting recovery and optimal health. Our personalized programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our patients, offering comprehensive solutions for a variety of conditions.

Chronic Neck Pain


The neck is a complex structure that, when compromised, can cause numbness and tingling down the arms and strained mobility in the rest of the spine. Carefully aimed soft-tissue pressure points and deep massage of the upper back assist in unlocking tight neck muscles.

Effective Solutions for Sciatica


We employ a multidisciplinary approach to treat sciatica, incorporating ElectronsPlus, a hand-guided PEMF treatment, Deep Myofascial Cupping and Trigger Point Therapy. We also try to figure out why the muscle surrounding the sciatic nerve are getting tight in the first place.

Upper Back Pain


Tightness and knots between the shoulder blades seem to be a never-ending problem. Bad posture and forward flexed bodies are mostly responsible for upper back pain. Helping someone with chronic upper back pain means teaching them how to be mindful of their daily habits. Typical treatments for upper back pain include deep tissue massage and ElectronsPlus therapy. Other areas that can contribute to upper back pain is the pectorals muscles located on the front of the body.

Peripheral Tendinitis


This includes swelling of the tendons and joints in the elbows and knees and other soft tissue areas away from the center of the body. Typically the root cause of these types of injuries has more to do with tightness or malfunctions core of the body. Repetitive stress and overuse are also contributing factors. Again, assessing the functionality of the neck and hip area will help determine the root cause of tendinitis in the extremities.

Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Impingement


Because of the high mobility of the shoulder joint, injuries are all too common. What complicates true healing of the shoulder is first determining which of the many muscles are responsible for shoulder pain in the first place. One good place to start is the neck in order to make sure the nerves from the neck into the shoulder are free of tightness.

Advanced Strategies for Chronic Lower-Back Pain


Lower back pain affects millions of people for many reasons. At True Wellness Therapies we use and exclusive treatment modality called Deep Myofascial Cupping that stretches the fascia around the hips and offers tremendous relief.

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