Injuries and Young Athletes

5 Jan, 2019

Hey everybody it’s been way too long since my last blog but SO much has happened and I want to share it with you!

For one thing, I’ve had the privilege of adding to my already huge arsenal of clients several young athletes who practically kills themselves week after week training for their lacrosse team. I cannot believe the amount of hard work these kids do in order to be the best.

Last September I received a phone-call from a very concerned mom regarding her son who had TERRIBLE neck and some hip flexor pain. Her daughter complained of a debilitating lower back and a glut cramp! All this was going on while they trained vigorously 6 days a week!

The sons issue was pretty serious!! He couldn’t move his head and absolutely could not sleep! He had shooting pains running down both arms and his shoulder blades were on fire! Folks, this is a 16 year old healthy young man!

My Technique –

Given the severity of the situation I used a new technique I started where I actually press perpendicularly to the vertebra of the neck, using very light pressure! I found that pressing right into the facets of the cervical vertebrae meanwhile slightly rocking the lower back actually causes the pulling muscles to just let go!! It was so cool seeing the tightness literally dissipate under my finger tips. So basically by applying pressure on every vertebrae on BOTH sides and holding each point for maybe 45 seconds, the pressure in his head and eased up. Then with very subtle manipulations in-between the shoulder blades the remaining tension completely disappeared and he finally was able to move his head without all the tightness and pain.

The soreness did take a few days to go away but he was so relieved!

The hip flexor tightness was not as serious so I held off until his next session.

The daughter had a very common injury but relatively easy to treat. She had piriformis syndrome which is when a small band of muscle connecting your sacrum to the top of your femur becomes terribly inflamed and totally knotted up!. When it gets inflamed and knots It KILLS! Fortunately all I had to do with her was apply moderate to light pressure right on the actual sore spot and within a minute…. The spasm released and she was able to walk with no pain!!

I still treat these athletes regularly and as always, I encourage a REGULAR STRETCHING ROUTINE!

If there are any athletes or parents of athletes then I HIGHLY encourage you to call my office and set up an appointment. A lot of young athletes fall victim to ferocious knee injuries and ankle injuries and neck injuries and lower back injuries all because they fail to stretch regularly and get treated by a professional.


All sessions begin with a full a analysis of the muscular structure. “What does that even mean’, you ask?? It’s simple. I go through the whole body and press on key areas on the legs and arms and neck and back and listen to my client when they tell me about all the areas that bother them.

Every session is a full-hour of deep muscle manipulation and light work too depending on the severity of the spasm, and several stretching techniques.

Every session educates my athletes and keeps them in-touch with their bodies. I believe there is no better athlete than an educated athlete.

If you have any questions at all, please call me to set up a consultation at 917-455-0559 or email me at

Gotta run!