Yoga-Butt Syndrome

12 Feb, 2016

Allllllrighty! Well it has come to my attention that SEVERAL of my clients who do yoga all suffer from a super annoying side effect of yoga…. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do yoga but I am saying, as with all exercise, there are tiny little aspects that can really bum you out!

So I was introduced to a phrase called YOGA BUTT some time ago and I realized its becoming a major problem and we MUST find a way to beat it!

I MAY HAVE A SOLUTION!… First let’s get on the same page as to what yoga butt syndrome is…

Yoga Butt Syndrome is an inflammation of tiny little muscles that connect your inner thigh bone to your butt bone! REMEMBER! I don’t like using medical jargon… its confusing and BORING!! Yoga Butt Syndrome can also be caused by a sudden tightening of the inner hamstring muscles that run all the way up the back of your leg!

NOW, tell me if this relates to you…. In my experience, most… IM SO TIRED OF TYPING YOGA BUTT SYNDROME… from now on we’ll call it YBS… ok now, everyone I know who suffers from YBS has it on their right side. Is this true with you??

THEORY: that’s the leg you drive with! The gas pedal, the brake pedal both use the right leg, unless your one of those crazy people who drive with one foot on the gas and one on the brake at the same time!! YIKESVILLE!

SO I have a solution…. The next time you finish a yoga class and before you get in your car, do 15 to 20 squats. I think you have to tighten your butt muscles and leg muscles while standing INSTEAD of letting them tighten up again while driving home. This way you stand up your body will have conformed to the standing position instead of the sitting position! GOSH I hope that makes sense!

If you still are annoyed at YBS then give me a call. I know how to press on certain spots in the hip flexor with PIN-POINT ACCURACY that cause nervous reactions into the muscles down your leg and release all the tension built up!

Check back again when I write MY view on how stress affects the body!!

I love you all,