What is Holistic Pain Management?

16 Feb, 2024

“Medicine has until recently gone on the supposition that illness
should be treated and cured by itself; yet voices are now heard which
declare this view to be wrong, and demand the treatment of the sick
person and not of the sickness.” – Carl Jung

In the seemingly never-ending battle between natural healing and medicinal healing we once again are met with the big question of “what really works?”. What IS the best methods for helping a person who has been suffering from years of chronic neck pain, chronic headaches, chronic insomnia, chronic ANYTHING.

I call it a never-ending battle because the Western medical world unequivocally pushes its ideals and methods for treating people with these ailments. Usually backed by major institutions with almost limitless budgets, the western medical community is also highly influential with insurance companies and companies that have insurance for their employees. Meanwhile the less influential holistic or Eastern medical world with definite limits on its reach and funding and research stays in the battle because of it’s ideals and many times successes at
battling many ailments.


Holistic approaches consider the entire individual, including their physical, emotional,
mental, and in some cases their spiritual aspects. This context recognizes the
interconnectedness of all these facets and seeks to treat the whole person, not just isolated
symptoms. Holistic practices aim to restore proper balance in all the body’s functions
promoting overall well-being and resilience. Holistic methods look at the whole person – body,
mind, and spirit – to understand health and healing in a more complete way.

The Holistic Approach to Pain Management

In contrast to the traditional Western medical approach, holistic pain management
takes a multifaceted approach to addressing chronic pain. Rather than solely focusing on
symptomatic relief, holistic practitioners consider the entire individual, including their
lifestyle, diet, emotional state, and spiritual well-being. This all encompassing approach
acknowledges that a person’s pain is not just a physical sensation but a manifestation of several
different parts of the body that have begun to malfunction. By treating the whole person, holistic
practitioners aim to identify underlying imbalances and factors that contribute to chronic pain. This may involve a combination of natural therapies.

At my clinic I specialize in modalities like ElectronsPlus which is a hand guided PEMF treatment geared to boost cellular function in every system of the body. I created a version of cupping called Deep Myofascial Cupping which (via larger suction cups and a vacuum therapy machine) has the ability to create a consistent
and steady bit of suction in order to pull blood and other healing agents to the area of the body
that is depleted. It also has the ability to stretch and dismantle terrible adhesions and scar-tissue
that contribute to chronic pain. I also since i was 18 years old happen to be extremely naturally
gifted as a licensed massage therapist.
The goal of holistic pain management is not just to alleviate symptoms but to teach people to
take an active role in their healing journey. It is empowering for a client to finally understand
that they not only have the ability to contribute to their own health but have the ability to
make choices in life that will help perpetuate a healthier existence.


My office is located in the heart of Saddle River, NJ. 917-455-0559 is my main contact number and you can email anytime at MikeSantana2010@gmail.com Stay healthy!!