It KILLS to be stressed!

5 Oct, 2017

So, I’m coming down off of a stressful situation…..

About 3 weeks ago a pipe burst in my apartment in Florida. I got a distressing phone-call in the middle of the night telling me there is a “water-fall” coming out of my apartment when the police and fire department cracked open the door in order to get in to see what was going on. Once they shut the water off to the entire building and an emergency plumber had to be called to fix the pipe I was then notified that the 2 units on either side of me sustained water damage! There is more to the story but why bore you? You get the point… I WAS STRESSED!

My body rapidly started to malfunction and every system in my body experienced nervous over load and a full frontal attack from my adrenal glands….

My adrenal glands pumped so much cortisol in to my blood and it did this consistently for the last 3 weeks, that the following systems in my body actually believed I was about to be killed!

Cardiovascular system

Digestive System

Nervous System

Endocrine System

Integumentary System (our skin)

Lymphatic and Immune System

Musculoskeletal System

Reproductive System

Respiratory System

Urinary System

Now think about it, obviously I’m still here and actually feeling great, but guess what?? I, just like everyone else on the planet have an amazing ability to cope or adapt to stressful situations by suppressing physical and emotional responses with muscular, mental and emotional tension just to avoid being marked as ‘off’, or ‘strange’ or unstable. In other words, humans cope with stress by acting like we are not stressed.

Massage has been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the system that slows the body’s heart rate and that slows the breathing pattern in order to promote relaxation. It helps people who are depressed to feel a little positive about life. It stimulates all the good endorphins to give a person that over all sense of well being.

I encourage ALL of you to call your favorite massage therapist right now and schedule and treat yourself to an hour or more of TOTAL RELAXATION.

I love you all,

Peace up, and Peace out!